Maine Coon Breeders in Florida

5 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Florida! (2022)

If you are in Florida and searching for a reputable Maine Coon breeder where you can get your adorable Maine coon, you are in luck. This post highlight top or best Maine Coon breeders in Florida where you can get yourself a Maine Coon(s) that’s not only healthy but also one that has an amazing temperament, whether it’s a Maine Coon cat that’s friendly, playful, and obedient, you’ll be able to get it from one of these top Maine Coon breeders in Florida below.

Before getting yourself a Maine Coon(s) from these breeders or any other breeder for that matter, do keep in mind that the Maine Coon(s) you get should be at least thirteen weeks old and should be fully vaccinated.

Once you’ve settled on getting a Maine Coon from any of these Maine Coon breeders in Florida, you should expect to pay between $1,500 and $4,000. Also, you should expect to spend between $900 and $1,000 yearly just on maintenance as well as food for your Maine Coon cat(s).

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale in Florida

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale in Florida

The best Maine Coon breeders in Florida this post gets to look at, or highlight are:

  • Caylee’s Coons
  • King Klaudr Coons
  • Reigning Cats
  • Sassy Koonz
  • Sporting Fields

1. Caylee’s Coons

Caylees Coons

Caylee’s Coons is a Florida-based Maine Coon breeder that focuses on three things when breeding their Coons: health, temperament, and happiness. There are a few things you should note about this particular Maine Coon Florida breeder.

They are a small pet breeder under the watchful eye of Caylee Vara (Vara has lots of experience when it comes to breeding Maine Coons). Two, they are a Maine Coon nursery that’s TICA registered. Three, they mainly specialize in Maine Coon kittens that are 100% European. Four, all their Maine Coons are raised or bred as per recommendation given out by a veterinarian, including documented visits by the Vet.

Another plus with this particular Maine Coon Florida breeder is that they don’t raise their kittens or cat in cages. The Maine Coons at Caylee’s Coons are free to roam around as they wish, given they are raised indoors with a happy family. Currently, Caylee’s Coons doesn’t have a website, but they are very active in the social world, and you can find them both on Instagram and Facebook (use their contact details below to contact them).

Caylee’s Coons Details

2. King Klaudr Coons

King Klaudr Coons

Under the watchful eyes of two hobby breeders Samantha and Katee, who also happen to be TICA affiliates, King Klaudr Coons is a Maine Coon breeder located in central Texas specializing in breeding giant European Maine Coons.

Given the experience these two have when it comes to Maine Coon breeding, this Florida breeder raises Coons with amazing traits, features, and temperament making their Coons an ideal addition to just about any family. They also monitor their kittens and cats regularly and conduct health tests on them to make sure that they are all in utmost health.

In addition to offering Maine Coons that they’ve raised, King Klaudr Coons offers their clients the option of importing their own Maine Coons. Notify them of your intentions, and they’ll help you import your adorable Coon. Other notables with this particular Maine Coon Florida breeder include the fact that their Coons come in various colors. From Maine Coons, brown tabby, white, crème, blue, black to Coons with part-colors like white and tortie.

King Klaudr Coons Details

3. Reigning Cats

Reigning Cats

This small cattery is a go-to for many cat lovers in Florida looking to get their hands on a Maine Coon(s). It is located on the West Coast of Florida, and they specialize in breeding purebred Main Coons together with Siberian cats and kittens.

Worth noting is that Reigning Cats is owned and under the watchful eye of Karon Hansberger, who is an active participant in several cat clubs and cat support rescue events. Karon Hansberger has lots of experience in breeding Maine Coon, which has resulted in this breeder breeding high-quality Coons that are very healthy, something their previous clients can attest to.

The Maine Coon cats Reigning Cats breed have taken part in several CFA, ACFA, and TICA shows and are all dual-registered. When you get your adorable Maine Coon(s) from Reigning Cats, you’ll get a pet cat that’s vaccinated, de-warmed, and one that comes with a vet’s bill of health. They also have a very user-friendly online platform that allows Maine Coon pet lovers to view their amazing Maine Coons from when they were very young till the time they are fully grown.

Reigning Cats Details

  • Name: Reigning Cats
  • Contact Person: Karon Hansberger
  • Website: Reigning Cats 
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Email:  

4. Sassy Koonz

Sassy Koonz

Considering the amount of experience Tracy Caywood has with regards to all things breeding Maine Coons, it comes as no surprise that many of their clients are praising their services and the adorable Maine Coons they got from them. This particular home-based Maine Coon breeder prides itself in raising Coons in a loving surrounding that is well-spaced, giving the Coons room to roam around as pleased.

Sassy Koonz has a meticulous process of selecting each pet cat they use in their breeding program. This process includes passing their adorable Coons through genetic and DNA screening processes to ensure that they are all in good health. They also do have a very open process of selecting Maine Coons that they’ve made easily accessible to their clients or would-be clients; click on this link

Sassy Koonz Details

5. Sporting Fields

Sporting Fields

Sporting Fields is a family-owned American breeder founded back in 1942. They specialize in breeding many pets, including Whippets, Border Collies, and most importantly, Maine Coons. Like any other pet they breed, the Maine Coons at Sporting Fields are all under the watchful eye of Dionne Butt.

From making sure that their Coons are healthy by scheduling regular vet visits to give them lots of space to ensure they are active and playful right from the start, Sporting Fields spares nothing when breeding Maine Coons that are healthy and have good temperament.

We advise visiting their website for this particular breeder and get to see the Maine Coons they have under the Maine Coon section before actually visiting them.  

Sporting Fields Details

Conclusion For The Best Maine Coon Breeders in Florida

Maine Coon Breeders in Florida

The Maine Coon breeders listed in this post are outstanding when it comes to all things breeding Maine Coon cats. Despite this, however, it is always ideal to do your due diligence when getting a Maine Coon. For example, make sure that you engage or converse with a Maine Coon breeder you plan on doing business with.

Get to know about the Maine Coon(s) you intend on purchasing by asking things like nutrition, health tests (if they’ve heard health tests or their parents have heard health tests), and whether or not their genetics might result in them being sick in the future.

If traveling to these Maine Coon breeders in Florida is too far, we have recommendations from other states:

To learn more about the Maine Coon cat breed, watch “Maine Coon Cat 101 – Watch This Before Getting One” from Facts about Cats down below:

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