Maine Coon Breeders in California

5 Best Maine Coon Breeders in California! (2022)

If you’re looking for the best Maine Coon breeders in California, then you’ve come to the right place. For years now, Maine Coon cats have been a go-to for many families or cat lovers interested in having a cat(s) as a pet. While there are many reasons for this, their temperament or personality is the number one reason why they are loved so much. Unlike other cats, Maine Coon cats are amiable; they get attached to their owners, they respond to commands (like dogs, if you call a Maine Coon cat, they’ll come to you), plus they are very good with kids.

If you are in California and searching for a Maine Coon cat as a pet, you’ll notice that there are lots of Maine Coon breeders. Sadly, not all of them are reputable breeders. Keeping in mind that you wouldn’t want to get your pet cat from just about any breeder in California, this post highlights the 5 best Maine Coon cat or kitten breeders in California.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale in California

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale in California

There are lots of Maine Coon breeders in California. This post seeks to help you narrow it down by looking at the 5 best Maine Coon cat breeders in California.

The 5 best Maine Coon breeders in California this post highlights are:

  • Five Starsz Maine Coon
  • Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats
  • Maine Coon Kittens
  • Cherokee West Maine Coons
  • Calicats

1. Five Starsz Maine Coon

Five Starsz Maine Coon

Registered in 2017 with TICA, CFA, and CFF, Five Starsz Maine Coon breeds Maine Coon cats that are healthy and happy. Furthermore, the Maine Coon cats they breed have excellent temperaments, are surrounded with lots of love while they are in their care, and are free to roam about as pleased.

When getting your Maine Coon cat or kitten from Five Starsz Maine Coon, keep in mind that their Maine Coons are imported from Eastern Europe. They all have a very high pedigree and have taken part in several TICA and CFA cat shows. The contact person at Five Starsz Maine Coon is Svitlana Revenko.  

Purchasing a Maine Coon cat from Five Starsz Maine Coon will see you get a Maine Coon that’s dewormed, micro-chipped, and is vaccinated with all necessary vaccines.  

Five Starz Maine Coon Details

2. Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats

Indras Net Maine Coon Cats

Cats and kittens at Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats are under the watchful eye of Sande Anka-Kay. With this particular Maine Coon cat breeder in California, the primary importance is breeding cats or kittens that are healthy and have good personalities.

Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats has taken several steps to achieve its goal of breeding healthy cats and kittens. For instance, all Maine Coon cats at Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats are not bred using cages. Cages, according to them, ruin the loving personality that Maine Coons naturally have.

Health-wise, Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats tests their Maine Coons on two occasions. The first time they test their Maine Coons is before they breed them, and the second time, they do so during their breeding cycle. This way, they are guaranteed breeding Coons that are extremely healthy. Still, on matters of health, all Maine Coons at Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats are genetically tested for many health conditions, including HCM.

Testimonials from satisfied Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats’ cat or kitten buyers back up their amazing cat breeding program that produces wonderful Maine Coon cats and kittens. Make sure you don’t miss out on their amazing Coons by contacting them using the contact details below.

Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats Details

3. Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens

Located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, this particular Maine Coon cat breeder boasts of breeding gorgeous Maine Coons that are not only healthy but also have an amazing temperament. Their kittens and Maine Coon cats are all health tested by certified veterinarians, including cardiologists who test and screen them for health conditions like HCM.

When you get a cat or kitten from Maine Coon Kittens, you’ll receive a contract and a health guarantee together with CFA registration papers for added health assurance.

Maine Coon kittens raised by this particular California breeder usually take part in many CFA and TICA shows. They have all shown perfect personalities or traits, which’s evident with their parents’ temperament.  

Maine Coon Kittens Details

4. Cherokee West Maine Coons

Cherokee West Maine Coons

Located in the beautiful foothills of Northern California, Cherokee West Maine Coons is a Maine Coon breeder registered with both TICA and CFA. They are a small hobby breeder committed to breeding Maine Coons that are healthy, friendly, gorgeous, and well-adjusted. Most importantly, their Maine Coons make for perfect loving companions.    

Health-wise, Cherokee West Maine Coons’ foundation cats all have a genetic marker test done on them, and they all came clear. This means that the kittens their founding cats produce don’t have any genetic-related health conditions like HMC. Furthermore, all kittens and cats at Cherokee West Maine Coons are regularly tested and are vaccinated.  

They also have a very user-friendly online website where pet cat lovers can easily pick Maine Coon that they’ll love to add to their family.

Cherokee West Maine Coons boast lots of experience in breeding Maine Coon cats and have produced kittens and cats that have gone to win several awards. This is something many of their customers can testify to.

Cherokee West Maine Coons Details

5. Calicats


Like other California Maine Coon breeders already listed in this post, Calicats boasts Maine Coons that have participated and won many awards at different CFA Grand Championships. Kittens or cats bred by this breeder come with a health guarantee and are all registered in CFA and TICA.

All their cats are also screened or tested for HCM and other health-related conditions regularly to ensure that they are all healthy. Calicats’ kittens and cats are negative for SMA, PK DEF, HMC, FeLeuk, and FIV.  

Temperament is also essential with Calicats. They go through an extra length to ensure their cats have amazing personalities, including not raising their Maine Coons in cages.

All their cats and kittens are bred at home with lots of space, given that they are very playful and active and are free to move around at will. They are also exposed to a loving environment at an early age, which improves their loving and caring traits at an early age.  

Clients who’ve received a cat or kitten from Calicats attest to the fact that their Maine Coons are of great health and boasts a very high temperament.

Calicats Details

  • Name: Calicats
  • Location: Ventura County, California
  • Email:
  • Phone: (805) 312-2330
  • Website: Calicats

Conclusion For The Best Maine Coon Breeders in California

Maine Coon Breeders in California

If you are in California and are looking for a Maine Coon cat or kitten to add to your home, we highly recommend getting one from one of these five Maine Coon breeders in California. With them, you are guaranteed cats or kittens that are extremely healthy and have a high temperament.

To learn more about the Maine Coon cat breed, watch “Maine Coon – Characteristics, Character, and Care” from AnimalWised down below:

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